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Originally Posted by Kilroy1988 View Post
Been pretty busy with a long season of ag work, so I haven't gotten out much. A quick weekend escape up to my parent's cabin near Shaver Lake afforded me just enough time to finish a painting! This is based on a photo I took last November at China Creek Preserve in Centerville, CA. It's a rather majestic Valley Oak that I can't say I did justice... But I'm learning! Acrylic on canvas, 50x33 cm.

I like it. My picture making has been limited to snaps with my iPhone, lately

Here's one I shot of my grandparents getting ready to board the first ever international flight out of Port Angeles, WA. (To Victoria, BC) Probably around 1927 or so. OK, I my iPhone and I weren't there at the time, but we were at our annual "Cousins' Day" picnic out at the lake. My uncle had this photo hanging on the wall, so I took it down to get a copy of it with my phone.


And to make this post more vintage-bike related, here's their great-granddaughter Cierra just getting ready to ride home from the party on her early 80s Nishiki International. At a little over 5' 11" she and I are the same height. We compared arms and legs, and by golly, my first-cousin-once-removed is biometrically pretty much my twin. ( I've got a good thirty or forty pounds on her though.) Apart from terrific good looks, I guess the vintage bike appreciation runs in the family, too

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