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So one time in the early 90's, we were having problems w/ car thieves in our neighborhood. My friend's car had been stolen 2 weeks after he'd had a speaker box installed in the trunk and he was pi$$3d. So anyways, one night, we're coming home late when we spy a shady looking character checking out a car. We circle around the block and yup, he's breaking into the car. So we all jump out and stop his thieving progress in a heroic, unexpected manner. Later when the cops were arresting the thief, one of the cops ask my buddy what the 2x4 was for. My friend said, "I was beatin' him widdit!" The cop stared at him for a second, then said, "Would you like to rephrase that?". Without skipping a beat, my friend says, "We wrestled it from him when he attacked us officer."
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