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Originally Posted by Mayonnaise View Post
Send 'em back...It took some growth on my part to be able to enjoy the actual ride. All that male centric Agenda, Dissection, Analysis, Expectation had to be tossed out. Had to be let go. Oh, I could've kept it, but that leads to Argument and I didn't want any of that, not on the bike...Instead say, "we rode good today, honey, now lets go get that sandwich"
LOL, WTF is your problem? If the stroker isn't pulling her fair share it's time to find another stroker!

At the last tandem club after-ride-meal I was listening to some wives discussing their husbands' Strava/PM/HR obsession. It seems the wives don't like all that crap. Nope, what they really want is a nice, challenging ride without the expectation that they have to put out a certain level of power or face the wrath of the hubby....
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