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Originally Posted by Mr IGH View Post
LOL, WTF is your problem? If the stroker isn't pulling her fair share it's time to find another stroker!

At the last tandem club after-ride-meal I was listening to some wives discussing their husbands' Strava/PM/HR obsession. It seems the wives don't like all that crap. Nope, what they really want is a nice, challenging ride without the expectation that they have to put out a certain level of power or face the wrath of the hubby....
My wife and I have run a small business together for 45 years. We're used to working together. My wife loves that we both have HR monitors and that she can see my HR, so she knows she's doing her fair share. That's what we both want. We've been together a long time and that works for us. We both like knowing we're carrying our share of the load. She loves the tandem.

But you're also right. That's why tandems are known as relationship accelerators. Whatever problems you might have, the tandem will find them. Your relationship will get where it's going much faster, which is a good thing, sometimes to the peaks of satisfaction, sometimes the other way. Who needs to spend their life in an unsatisfactory relationship? Life is short. Find your soul mate. Who knows, maybe it's your current partner?

Interestingly, the tandem teams in our group are all deeply in love and had that worked out long ago. Most of them both post to Strava, which is a bit funny but the QOMs do accrue. Can't get Strava to add a tandem category to stop that. Also the whole world can see how they're doing together. Mostly they're right together on the suffer score.
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