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Things often don't seem too humorous at the time, but eventually...about forty years ago I was at a high school basketball game. The westside high school against the eastside high school in a town divided by a river and by an tremendous amount of westside/eastside hatred that eventually destroyed the community.

The game was close, and was decided in the final seconds. The westside fans headed out one door, and the eastside fans out the other. Somehow, I ended up in a stairwell with about forty or fifty "fans" from the other school on top of me, trying to kick me and beat me to death. Two police officers with clubs pushed their way into the crowd, and began hitting me repeatedly with their clubs, and handcuffed me and put me under arrest. Then, they dragged me, covered in blood out to the police car...then drove me home and released me.

When I asked the officers why they beat me with clubs, handcuffed me, and arrested me, but did not arrest anyone from the mob, their answer was:

"Well, the choice was either two cops fighting an angry mob or two cops beating you...if we had taken on that mob, all three of us might have been killed...."

Wasn't funny at the time, but four decades later, I can sorta laugh about it, and I'm thinking the cops may even have been right about which choice was most likely to get me out alive.
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