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When I was about 20 I was returning to college on my Honda 250 motorcycle after a break. In a small town in Northern Pennsylvania a car made a left turn right in front of me and I had absolutely no chance to avoid him or stop. I crashed into him at about 35.

The front of the bike crumpled around the motor, and I skidded across the street. Luckly no one was coming or I would have been toast. I hit the curb with my helmet, putting a nice dent in it. The bike skidded up next to me. When I tried getting up the thigh moved, but the foot stayed on the ground. I had a crushed leg, bad enough that the hospital later cound not put a pin or plate in it. I also had a piece of bone pushing out through the leg nicking an artery.

There I was laying on the sidewalk, dressed in a double breasted python skin jacket, helmet, biker boots and jeans, bleeding profusly with a crumpled motorcycle next to me. A crowd gathered and a PA state policeman came roaring up, got out of his car and came over to me.

The first thing he asked was "Were you in the accident"
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