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Tried to help, but sensed no appreciation.

I had an interesting encounter on the local rails-to trails route today. Shortly into my ride I saw that some idiot had broken a bottle in the middle of the paved path. I dismounted and proceeded to do what probably appeared to be a manic dance in the middle of the trail, sweeping my legs side to side to kick the many shards to the side. As I was "sweeping" I noticed an approaching cyclist so I waved my hands and yelled "glass". Unfortunately he seemed to take me for a crazy old coot and zipped by without slowing or even altering course. I shook my head and finished the cleanup, then continued with my ride. You can probably guess who I encountered (again) a half mile down the trail?

He had his bike upside down and looked both distressed and confused. Both wheels had flatted and the front tire looked to have a bit of a gash. I stopped and asked him if he needed some help. He asked if I had a spare CO2 cylinder because he had used the one he had trying to inflate a tire hoping that it would work. I wasn't sure what he had already done to fix, either patch or sealant, but offered him the use of my pump. It was then immediately obvious that he had done nothing and no amount of pumping would solve his problem. I told him that he needed to either put a new tube in or patch the damaged one. Well, he had no spare tubes and no patch kit. There was no way that one of my 40mm 650B tubes was going to work in his 700C 23mm tires, so I offered to sell him my recently purchased Rema patch kit for 5 bucks. He looked at me like I was nuts and said "no way". I think I paid a bit over 4 bucks for the kit, and really was not interested in opening the glue tube way before I might have needed it. Nor was I interested in wasting more time as the hurricane-driven weather was getting very dodgy and I wanted to get my ride in. I figured he could buy the kit from me, patch his tubes at his leisure and then flag down another cyclist with a pump. I'm not sure whether he thought my offer was overpriced or what, but I offered again and was refused. I then said, "you know I tried to warn you about the glass," to which he replied "whatever". Felt sorry for the guy.

Wished him good luck and continued my ride. Perhaps he was just mad at himself for blowing off my initial warning and then finding himself unprepared. At least there was a learning opportunity.
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