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40mm 650b tubes are almost impossible to successfully mount in a 23mm tire unless you've practiced it before.

The offer to sell the patch kit strikes me as odd. I would have looked at you askance as well, and then tried to end the interaction as quickly as possible. Otherwise it seems like you weren't really interested in helping much at all and just were there to see his comeuppance for the perceived slight of ignoring your warning. When I'm riding along it often takes me a second to register what a pedestrian is saying to me. By the time I interpreted your warning I would have been well down the path, no malice intended on my part.

I think I paid a bit over 4 bucks for the kit, and really was not interested in opening the glue tube way before I might have needed it. Nor was I interested in wasting more time as the hurricane-driven weather was getting very dodgy and I wanted to get my ride in.
Why'd you even bother stopping?
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