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Hmmmm .... this is already turning ugly by post #6 . I had best spew some bile before ti gets locked.

As I see it ... the guy might not have heard the "Glass!" warning ... or not understood it ("Why did he call me an ass? I passed him with plenty of room?") But ... the guy Is an ass for not having tubes/and or patches at least.

As for selling him the patch kit .... it's an individual thing. If i didn't want to wait around, or help him patch his tubes, I don't know what I would have done. I am rpetty sure i wouldn't have sold Or given him my patch kit.

Two reasons---first, take the pain and learn the lesson, you moron. You ride over glass, you pop your tubes. You can't fix them, you walk. Do the math, carry supplies ... or walk. If I save every idiot I am fighting Darwin ... they will go on to breed and teach their kids, "Some Good Samaritan will waste his precious emergency supplies on you, so don't be self-sufficient."

Second ... I am not going to leave myself hanging. On most of my bikes I carry two tubes , and some glueless patches .... (which i could have left in this case.) But I am not going to count on someone saving me if I hit more glass further down the trail.

As for selling it .... welcome to America. i bought it, you can buy it. and you Need it. You'd rather walk ... power to you.

i don't think i'd have offered to sell my kit ... if i wasn't going to wait with him, i would never even talk about it .... if the rider struck me as a decent sort, I might stay and help (time and conditions permitting) but i don't think it would have even crossed my ind to sell it.
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