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Originally Posted by Kapusta View Post
I have this sneaking suspicion that if I were a fly on the wall for this interaction, his reaction might make more sense.

I must say that offering to sell a guy a patch kit, but not letting him use your pump does seem a bit odd.
Originally Posted by Hoopdriver View Post
I wasn't sure what he had already done to fix, either patch or sealant, but offered him the use of my pump. .
Originally Posted by Kapusta View Post
I've never asked a cyclist to pay me for a patch, tube, energy bar, or water out on the trail.
Sure ... but have you ever given away your pump?

In a situation where i could not stop and help the guy fix his tubes ... i don't know how much of my stuff I would give away. I would give him a tube ... . but in this case the tube wouldn't have fit. No Way I would give away both my tubes, if they did fit .... I am not risking walking because some other person didn't use common sense and carry supplies. Not sure I would have given away a patch kit ... but then, i buy glue and patches in bulk and carry glueless of emergencies. As I said, I could have left some glueless patches easily ... if had had some. I don't always.

I realize you misread, @Kedosto .... the OP Did try to help, but he felt that the other rider had a bad attitude .... but why would the OP give away a $4 patch kit to some guy who wasn't smart enough to carry t a tube or two ... and why did the guy have CO2 but no tube? Was the guy running tubeless---I hope so. In which case ... didn't anyone tell him to carry spare tubes just in case?

The idea of selling a patch kit is a little odd .... but having a patch kit would only work if the guy had tubes. if he did .... see. to me the whole thing is absurd. Why pump CO2 into an obviously ripped tire if you are running tubeless? And why not be prepared? And if running with tubes Seriously, Why pump CO2 into a deflated tube? They don't magically seal. (Well, maybe he had slime tubes, i guess .... ) In any case .... If a person goes riding and isn't self-sufficient ... they become pedestrians. if they are smart, it only happens once.
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