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Originally Posted by REDMASTA View Post
Cliff notes:

OP see's broken glass in path, stops to kick it to the side.

While doing so another cyclist approaches and OP tries to warn them to no avail.

Later down the path said cyclist has two flats and no tubes or kit to fix..
Missing detail: OP lets idiot try to pump up his deflated tires.

Idiot asked for OP to give him some CO2 cartridges because his didn't work.

OP offered such help as the idiot asked for--help inflating the tire. idiot seemed not to realize that tires don't instantly self-seal.

Originally Posted by REDMASTA View Post
OP offers to sell him his patch kit for $5; other cyclist declines.
The missing info is very important because ti shows the OP was willing to help, but only willing to help to a degree.

Like myself and Kedostopusta, OP was not about to go giving handouts to people who were not prepared to help themselves. But .... OP was willing to help. And tried to help ... . but OP was hopeless.
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