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This morning my boss told me a story about when he was a hippie in the 70's that would nicely fit in this topic. He was in Lansing Michigan, the hippie capital at the time. He was obviously wasted, and he was on acid to be specific. Several officers noticed he was buzzed and approached him. One asked "Are you high son?"

He responded "Yes sir I'm high, high on Jesus!"

The cop told him to "shut the **** up," and another cop then went on to search his backpack. In his backpack the officer found half a pack of Oreo's, and 4 out of 5 pieces of chewing gum.

The cop took the gum and cookies, and sent my boss packing. These cookies and gum were of course laced with a strong amount of LSD, and in my bosses words:

"This cop looked like the type who would chew 4 pieces of gum at a time, and certainly eat the whole pack of cookies. I had to have my friends get me out of town. They were busting long hairs for weeks after that one."
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