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Saw one yesterday and the bike shop owner told me it was really bad quality and it was priced at 7,800 baht, $243 USD.

He said the bicycle that was priced at $150 was of better quality etc.

Originally Posted by berlinonaut View Post
The ones you found are clearly based on the Brompton model from 1992 that was subcontracted to Neobike back then to produce bikes for the Asian market. Even back then the Neobike versions have been massively cheaper than the british made Bromptons and were far worse regarding quality. The design has been further developed by Brompton since then and many of the elements of the bikes you found were ditched with the Brompton already back in 2000 with the MK2 as was the main frame hinge-version they use in the clones back in 2004 while on the copy they are still like 25 years ago, possibly partly just made from cheaper materials and with less knowledge about the design and contruction. So basically you look for a pirated copy of a bike that tries to copy a 25 year old version of the Brompton but did not even live up to the quality of the original when it was the same model Brompton had and with support of the Brompton factory. How good do you think such a copy of a copy of a outdated inferior licesensed version might be in comparison to the original on today's level?
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