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These have had me laughing all morning. Mine aren't nearly as funny, but I'll add them anyways.

1) In while in high school I was over at my girlfriend at the time's house and she asked me to pick up her little brother from detention at the middle school a few miles away. We had been making out most of the evening as her mom always came home super late. So I leave her at the house (don't remember why) and prepare to drive the mile or two to get her brother the brat. I don't make it more than a block and a half when I pass a patroling police officer. I watch in my rear view as he does a 3-point turn in the street and flashes he lights behind me. Now, at this point I've had my licence less than a year and I'm trying to think wtf I've done to get pulled over barely moving on a residentual street. The officer finally approaches my car and asks how long I"ve been out driving. I state calmly that I just left my girlfriend's house around the corner, hoping he wouldn't ask for her mom's name to he could call and confirm this fact. Apparently some neighbor had called and complained that a "car matching my car's description" was driving around with its lights off. Sure, its dark, but that begs the question - what description was this guy working off of? I was driving a late model golden-brown Caprice Classic. I've woundered about that ever since.

2) My one and only *knock on wood* speeding ticket. Driving through the same small town suburb of Dallas headed to see the same girlfriend as above. I wasn't accustomed to driving up there at this time of day, which happened to be right as the school zones went into effect. Not only that, but this was the same year as I started college and I hadn't actually started school yet so wasn't thinking about school zones yet. Sure enough, I realize I'm about 2 car lengths into the school zone, kids aren't even out for the day yet. I slam on my brakes almost hard, but there's a cop car sitting in the median waiting for me. I pull off into a business's drive way before the cop even has its lights on knowing that it was coming anyways. I know one and only one cop in this town, the girlfriend of one of my friend's mom's (yes you read that right). And as luck would have it - that's exactly who was in the cop car. Of course she couldn't let me off because I was Amanda's friend, and a $300+ ticket ensued. Normal street speed limit = 35. Radar had me at 41, school zone in effect... *sigh*

To add insult to injury, I attempted to pay off the ticket at the local court house without mentioning it to my parents. Only to lock my keys in my car and having to call home to have my dad come up with the spare set. My only saving grace - the library was in the same building - "Yeah dad, was just coming up to check out some books, what's that, I don't have any books with me, they didn't have what I needed."
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