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Originally Posted by prj71 View Post
In a little less than a month I'm going to make 1200 mile journey from the Midwest to Colorado and then back. I'm taking a one week vacation from work with a friend. This is a fishing vacation where there will be some camping involved and few nights in a motel. By the time it is all done, I will probably have put 3000+ miles on my truck going there and back plus driving to different public access points on the river to fish. Some of which take a 4 x 4 to get to.

I have 9 days to get this all done. I will be hauling 2 coolers, 2 tents, a camp stove, lanterns, fishing gear, change of clothes etc. The back of my full size truck will be more or less 3/4 packed full with our gear.

If I was living car free, how would I accomplish this journey in 9 days and carry all the gear I need for my vacation?

Renting a car/truck isn't an option. Their business hours of operation don't work with my schedule.
...nobody needs 2 coolers, 2 tents, and a camp stove to go fishing. And I've gone fishing in some pretty remote places...places up in the Sierra where you can't legally drive into them. So I think yoiur initial premise is flawed. And I'm one of the people here who is perfectly fine with cars on a more limited basis. Thankfully, because of the restrictions, you and your camp stove and lanterns will never show up at some of the nicer alpine lakes in California. Using "fishing" as your excuse to drive 3,000 miles is just fishing in the LCF forum. You'll probably catch something, but it won't be anything worth keeping.
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