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Some people might not like this one, but i still laugh about it..

Myself and my friend, out for the night at the pub, consumed quite a few pints of Guinness. At around 3am we are driving home, not a car to be seen on the roads, we come to a set of lights a little too fast, its the middle of winter and very icy, my friend was turning left to go to my house and started skidding, as we look to the right at there is a cop car there, so to avoid skidding through the intersection, he busts a very quick right hand turn, we pass the cops. Then all of a sudden, the cops put on the sirens/lights, pull a pretty nice donut in the middle of the intersection and come after us and pull us over. My friend is driving a pretty nice Mid 80's S-class Mercedes, so they figure its probably stolen. My friend rolls down the window

friend - "Anything wrong occiffer?"
officer - licence and registration please
friend " here you go occifer"

the cop goes back to the car and checks all the details, and for some reason he sends his partner back to give the licence and registration back to my friend. I was just shocked that he didnt get a ticket for the following:
1) driving too fast for the conditions
2)making a right turn from the left lane
3) driving while impaired

and the funniest thing of all is that the cop didnt notice my friend saying "occifer" hahaaa!
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