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Originally Posted by cgblack View Post
We have the TRP Hy/Rd brakes on the back (we have a co-Motion Roadster) and I just added Shimano Deore XT V brakes to the back as an "emergency" brake. Our total weight is probably pushing 425 lbs, so braking on a big downhill can be exciting. I have it connected to a Tektro cross brake lever on the captain's handlebars, so I can only use one or the other rear brake at a time.

I was wondering, how do you tell if your disc brake is getting too hot? Does it start making noise, or fading away?


Yes, when it gets hot it starts making noise and also gets more "grabby". I haven't kept braking long enough for it to fade away (although I've had that happen with other discs that got hot). We don't mind stopping and taking a break, although there aren't too many descents steep enough and long enough and twisty enough to require a stop. We have our brake lever for the extra rear rim brake on the stoker's bars. That set up works well for us so we can use all three at once if desired. Makes for interesting conversation on the long descents: Captain: "Brake". Stoker: "Brake". Captain: "Off". Stoker "Off" etc etc
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