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Long Development Time

Originally Posted by firestorm135 View Post
Okay but seriously, it's been three years and no one thinks they are actually getting a Helix bike, right? I've been following this thread since the beginning and was holding out to buy one, but finally decided I needed to start living my life and just bought a Brompton.

Helix is like my friend who has been working on his PhD for six years and needs just a little more time to finish it... I don't understand why Peter doesn't just release it instead of tweaking the design every few months. I don't think anything will change...
Is 3 years is a long time to develop a folding bike? Check out They've been futzing with "prototypes" since 2010! And it is a way simpler design than the Helix. Maybe they're using their own money and not backer money, but, come on, 8 years to bring a bike to market (went on sale earlier this year)?
My wife and I put a deposit on 2 Helixes (Helices?) back in February 2017 and we honestly believe our bikes will be delivered, and probably this year.
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