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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
colnago62, you mention wanting to save money on the frame purchase. I'm not familiar with what kit you already have as well as other thing. But, the track frame ranks very low on the benefit/cost scale of things you can throw money at.

Unless you are looking for a new frame to avoid a problem you have with your current frame (e.g. wrong size, slipping seatpost, slipping track ends, etc...), there is a long list of things that will very likely show measurable gains before a new track frame will.

Maybe think of the frame as "fine tuning" your system after you've taken care of some of the things higher on the benefit/cost scale.

For example:

(Assuming all frames have the same size/geometry and all other components)

Setup A:
Steel frame + Zipp 808 race Wheelset

Setup B:
Cervelo T4 + 28 spoke training Wheelset

Setup C:
Felt TK FRD + 28 spoke training Wheelset

Setup D:
LOOK R96 + 28 spoke training Wheelset

You would be measurably faster on Setup A. Meaning, if you did sprint or endurance time trials the same day using all 4 setups, Setup A would be fastest.
In all seriousness a T4 and likely a TK FRD with 28 spoke training wheels would be as fast or faster than a round tubed steel bike with race wheels.

An 808 vs a conventional alloy rim wheel is worth ~15w on the front and a little less on the rear.

The P4 on which the T4 is based was up to 20w faster compared to some competitors frames in 2009, the competitors being other contemporary carbon TT frames.
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