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Originally Posted by Kevindale View Post
I just read through this entire thread. I'm exhausted! So much beauty. What a bike and what a build. Bravo.
You are a hero! Must have taken some time. Thanks for reading and your kind words.

Tonight I got to the fun stuff.

But I will start with a small rant. Those of you that have actually got thru reading this thread might have noticed my somewhat strange "fetish" for the proper ferrules(?). What is it all about?(!)

It is this - when building with vintage Campagnolo brakes and handles the fit between the parts are vital for performance and looks.

This is a modern ferrule lightly pushed sideways - what the housing will do to it:

A somewhat modern 5.65mm pushed:

The proper 6mm ferrule:

Mentioned earlier - I have refilled the stash of Campagnolo ferrules - happy days! This is for five bikes. After that I am out of them again.

Decided on this housing for the 3Rensho. Its outer layer is transparant, showing the metal spiral inside (same as for the rear derailleur). Sort of discrete bling. Bought a roll of it maybe 20 years ago. Time to use it. (Grey Campagnolo housing in the background)

This has nothing to do with the 3Rensho but I like having it on my "clean workbench". It shows up in the background in many pictures. And it makes me look serious... ;-)

Now to the fun part...

Checking that the cable anchor is seated OK (small flashlight in mouth).

Thru the hole in the body (fresh hoods are a must).

This build is 1983. No dimpled handlebars around. I decided on not drilling the handlebars. I cannot really see any reason to do it. Placed the housing for ergonomic fit, fingers bending nicely over the housing.

That was 10 pictures. Will be back with the rest in a couple of minutes.

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