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Flipping the hood in the other end. Checking that the ferrule has seated.

Both sides done. Housing length cut in before hand. The front cable might look a tad long in the picture but the brake is not set yet. When done it will be fine. Front wheel was fitted for checking rear housing length (turning the handlebar). Cinelli 1R, 110mm stem and Cinelli G d Italia bars (42cm).

Bad lighting and it looks odd because of the seatpost and saddle not being there.

And now for the grand finale...!?

Is there much friction? Does it feel soggy? Does it spring back? This is the rear brake.

(first time using a short film, let us see if it works...). If not I will try to fix it.

(Did not work)

Click on this link to see the film:

3Rensho Super Record Export Aero

(and then click again on the picture when reaching flickr)

The rear brake is not set up yet and the brake blocks will be much closer to the rim. The handle therefore not drawn as much as in the film when in real use.

Feels fine. (Perfect I would say). This part of the project is finished.

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