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Originally Posted by cooker View Post
if you barred car access and only allowed train access, and designed pedestrian friendly gondolas and monorails etc, instead of roads to get people to widely scattered sites inside the park, the park could handle a lot more visitors than it can if they come by car, and drive around inside the park. Some interior roads could be reinvented as hiking trails where appropriate, with the right of way narrowed from 50 feet to 6 feet or 3 feet, or whatever, and trees replacing asphalt.

If visitors to a park started to exceed capacity, it would be up to the park stewards to figure out how to limit access while maintaining fairness. by perhaps rationing permits or whatever. That way more people could enjoy the park without the park necessarily sustaining more stress or feeling more crowded. People take up a lot less space than cars.
I'd be open to replacing car access with car-free access, but I don't think car-access will get banned any time soon, unfortunately.

It's ironic, considering that even amusement parks require guests to park outside the park and take transit to get in and access attractions.

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