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Originally Posted by cooker View Post
I assume larger national parks do have lots of people come by tour bus in groups or even solo by Greyhound etc. in some cases, but there are probably a lot of smaller state parks etc. where private car is the only choice, and it's a bit of a class issue where people who can't afford cars miss out on a shared resource. So I hope in future there is more equitable access, and I'm sure the park managers will find various ways to ensure they aren't damaged by overuse.
There is a deeper problem, which is what happens when hordes of people show up with frisbees and balls and turn a park into a playground. Then there are the vendors and park managers who use them to turn the park into a business that generates more revenue. There is fundamental bias against having parks be nature sanctuaries where people can hike/bike, camp, and live in a more primitive, small-footprint, way because most people just don't want to be humbled by nature, i.e. because humility in the face of nature feels like humiliation to them.
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