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Steve a.k.a. Rock71, finally talked me into joining this forum. I will admit I was very apprehensive about an over weight guy joining a skinny guy cycling forum but Steve assured me that this wasn't the case with this particular section. So, here I am.

First of all I would like to thank Steve for all the advice and support he has given and shown the last 45 days. I have dropped a hair over 18 pounds and just completed my first ever 20 mile ride last night.

I will admit it was the hardest thing I have done in recent memory, but the feeling of accomplishment that flooded my body when I wheeled into my drive and my cateye read 20.25 miles almost brought me to tears.

I have started many exercise programs over the last few years only to quit and fail so this is huge. My family has also seen me quit and fail over the yesrs. Even harder to take. They have now seen the dedication I have for this and are showing so much support it has actually changed the mood at the home front. We actually have a trip planned to the bike shop this weekend to look at purchasing a bike for my wife.

Now I'm here. I have read so many inspirational stories of people who have lost more weight than myself and it has just motivated me even more.

Currently I am at 268 pounds and my goal for next year at this time is 220 pounds, which I think is very attainable with a healthy diet and bike riding.

I would say " Wish me luck " but I got this, no luck needed!
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