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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
Actually, let's stop the zero-sum logic that it's ok to deforest some areas if we protect and preserve forests in others. The CO2 balance is kept by keeping ecosystems rooted in soils. Human activities should be part of that, not a replacement of it. Once we have learned to humble ourselves and fully respect the critical functions of ecological life, then we can start thinking about allowing some clearing. Right now, we need to get over ourselves so that we can get down to the business of letting nature do the work it does for us and the rest of life on this planet.
No, let's not. More specifically, let's not take any advice from you. "We" don't need to follow anything you suggest, and it is highly unlikely that anything good would come of doing so.

Finally, no -- "we" do not need "to get over ourselves". If there is one person on this sub-forum who needs to get over him- or herself, and to "humble" him- or herself -- that is, demonstrate just a little less arrogance -- it is you.
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