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Hi Rossiny

Originally Posted by rossiny View Post
I always envy people that can pick up and go live else where that is beautiful like that. How were u able to do it. Did you just pick up and move ? Did you bring your family along? How easy was it for you to make new friends and connections etc etc
Picking up and moving does take planning. After I retired, my wife and I talked about doing something else. She agreed as long as she could keep working. We agreed on Barbados as we had been here many times and we were tired of the cold. It does take resolve as so many things can and do change. My kids are grown so it was just me and my wife. Having a pension made the whole thing possible. I also have an Irish passport and that comes with EU citizenship, but staying warm all year round was important to both of us. We got rid of so many things. My wife loved antiques, so we had allot of those to sell. They don't sell well, so we took a bath on everything. We got down to clothes, bicycles, kitchenware, books, electronics, and anything small. We have friends on the island, so they pointed us to a shipper and away it went. We found a nice place furnished to live and away we went. It all helps when everyone speaks the same language sort of. My wife looked into working here, but it didn't work out, as she only wanted to work part time, and the cost of the work permit was too high to work only part time. So she got a license in Florida and works there for a few months a year, and that makes her happy. She has looked into working in England or Ireland, but the process is incredible, and it would be easier to live there 5 years and get her citizenship. We are still in love with the Carribean, so travelling is the option. Once you move to one country, the desire to move again is alway there in your mind. Moving around the world is getting more difficult, as everyone is getting into security and some countries are not open to foreign nationals moving in. I have run into so many englush speaking people who have been travelling for years. It almost seems as if the Americans are the only ones not moving around. Of course most english speaking people all belong to the comonwealth, so that does make it easier. People are the same anywhere, so making friends is never a problem. I have friend here who volunteers at the same place I do, and she grew up in fayettsville, NC. She married an Aussie, lived in Austrailia for 30 years, raised a child, divorced, and married a Bajan here. So there are all kinds of stories in the world. I admire the young people who find ways to get work permits in other countries and establish their lives in those countries. Having a pension makes it much easier, as I am too busy being retired to work at a job.

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