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Originally Posted by cudak888 View Post

This said, I'm envisioning something along the lines of the following (honestly, posting this list is mostly so I just don't forget:
  • Steel racks designed to accept camera cheese plates brazed directly to the frame, front and back.
  • 26TPI BB threads filled in, tapped to 24tpi, BB faced to 73mm for a square taper or Hollowtech crank, whichever comes first for cheap
  • Sun CR-18 ISO 451 rims with Primo Comet tires (possibly a bad idea for smoothness, even with the gimbal, but I'll be able to check this against the 406's on the other '70.
  • Modern Sturmey AW so I can stand on the pedals if need be - already have this.
  • Drum brake up front - or if possible, convert the fork to disc and shove a set of proper dropouts in the cheap-o Raleigh blades in the process
  • Tektro long-reach dual-pivot in back
  • Removal of the factory kickstand for a kickstand plate; installation of a double kickstand
  • Possible integration of a Pelican case to hold camera/gimbal in stora
  • Braze-ons added for a rear wheel lock (like an Abus Pro Tectic)
  • Planet Bike Cascadia ALX fenders
  • Some other stuff I can't remember at this late a time at night.
Interesting project! More so as I've been bitten by the Twenty retromodding bug plus have been thinking how to mount GoPros for Ride2School day come summertime (downunder!).

You haven't mentioned circumsizing the headtube to upgrade the headset to top bearing. Right now I kinda prefer the damped feel of original bushing & have kept it on my fleet so far, even making new bushings for the wornout ones.

Don't see any need to upgrade BB, old tech work fine & the cotters don't bother me.

Modern dual calipers work fine on my steel 451s.

Does new AWs fit into dropout without opening them up? So far I've been resurrecting original AWs, every one has come back alive so haven't need to modernise... however I tried using new-style Sturmey hardware & the key washers won't go into Twenty's dropout slot. Even bought a twist shifter yet to install.

For stop-start ease i've geared down with larger sturmey sprockets.
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