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It's not in my hands yet, but it looks like I am the owner of this Moto currently in transit. Best I can tell from looking at the catalogs from back then, it's probably a 1977. That's based on the crankset, which is not the TA used in earlier years, and the "Olimpic" 64 pedals which for a while I had convinced myself were NR. Atom 700 pedals seemed to be the pedal usually installeded. Based on the saddle and the rest of the bike in general, it doesn't look to me like it's seen a lot of use. Saddle doesn't appear to have dimples and in my experience, a Brooks saddle will dimple up pretty quickly.

Don't know what to say about the replacement derailleur, the stem shifter, and the safety levers other than that the original buyer may have requested those items. Based on the pedal reflectors (left side has both front and rear), I'd guess that those "Olimpic" pedals have never seen toe clips leading me to suspect that it may have been bought by someone not interested in the "sport" nature of the cycle, but who knows. Large freewheel sprocket looks pretty big so I'm suspecting that the NR derailleur was replaced in order to handle a larger cog. Anyway, whether it be French threaded or English threaded, I have a freewheel compatible with a NR derailleur and I have a currently unemployed patent 72 NR to install. For shifters, probably install SunTour barcons though might use some NR DT shifters, also on hand.

It's pretty dirty and, no doubt, needs complete servicing, but that's what it's all about. TA cranks -- the old Park crank tool had a normal end and a TA end -- finally, after about 30 years, I'll get to use the TA end.

Have some MAFAC Racers, and it's tempting.
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