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Originally Posted by clubman View Post
Hey Kurt. Interesting project. Experience as a post editor has shown me that in-camera stabilization costs you more resolution than you'd like. If your editor is good with After Effects trackers, you can keep resolution high and fix 'shakey-cam' shots. Of course, post costs time and money.

Good Luck.
Precisely why I want the gimbal, as it reduces the need to rely on IS (or for that matter, for IS to rely on the operator. I believe the tech has it's purpose, but one has to know its limits and shoot within those parameters). I've been pretty impressed with even the cheap Panasonic 14-42 lens though, and IIRC, the GH5's sensor is electromagnetically stabilized too. Best of both worlds, and I've been impressed. Definitely superior to Canon's photo-oriented IS.

Premiere or AE's Warp Stabilizer sometimes helps, but it is no silver bullet, any more than point-based motion tracking. Even if you can stabilize the shot, you can't remove the motion blur from the movement. I'm a firm believer that stabilization in post is a crutch for not doing it right in the field.

I fully intend to share some onboard footage once I have the 3D printed plate mounted on the brown Twenty. Should serve as a good proof of concept and prevent any mistakes from cropping up in the purpose-made machine.

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