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One step forward, five back. The 3D printed plate was finished today, and it's a beaut. Fit well too, though I did have to modify it to clear the rattrap. Hey, that's why they call it "rapid prototyping," after all.

Now, while that looks nice, the Pletscher rack cannot really support the extra weight without excessive shimmy that ruins the whole thing. Since the gimbal sits a whole foot higher than this, the result was - to say the least, a bloody disaster.

Heck, mounting the camera directly to the camera mount on the plate gave a steadier - if still rough - result.

So it is back to the drawing board. I know it should be simple enough to braze a steel rack onto the frame of the other Twenty (thanks, RHM), but there's still no guarantee that this will play nice with the gimbal. What's more, I was starting to realize that a lot of vibration was coming through the road surface, which means even the fat ISO 406 tires aren't helping. The 451's are going to make it worse.

I'm really thinking that this rig may force me into one of these wire mount-style isolators. Just what I need, another $400 down the tube:

Also looked at the handlebar shock mount that DJI sells for their Osmo mini gimbal. Not bad at all, but half of the reason of doing this is so I can mount the GH5 on the bike and get high-bitrate footage.

Originally Posted by RobbieTunes View Post
Great setup, it looks like. I texted my friend who used a Sony something video camera and asked him why he considered it the "industry standard."

He said it was the go-to camera in the porn industry. OK.

One of my favorite pics of Kurt is him with a pipe wrench on a headset and a fairly large boot on the workbench.

Every time I watch the Mecum Auctions and a Mustang comes through like his, I remember him.
Well. Someone has pretty low standards for equipment and hasn't heard about GoPros being the defacto norm for that bunch.

Jokes aside, he was probably referring to the Sony FS700 if his information is old, or the A7S/A7R mirrorless cams if current. The FS700 is an ergonomic nightmare though. Bad enough using it in normal situations.

I ran across the old pipe wrench headset photo in my archives a bit ago but couldn't find it. Will the Mavic Hatter do for nostalgia's sake?

Originally Posted by pastorbobnlnh View Post
Thank you! Very tip heavy! Well done!

I've gotten to know a rather famous film producer/director (most recent film was The Zoo Keeper's Wife). He looks at nearly everything as if viewing it through the lens of a camera. So it's fascinating to talk "camera perspective" with him and this is where you experience the brilliance of his creativity.

He's back in LA working on a project for Netflix at the moment. If he was here I'd share your plans. I'm guessing he'd very much approve. He'd probably make some suggestions for different mounting points. Maybe ones which are at or near the wheel axles? At least that would be my 2 cents while you have the brazing torch out and are adding mounts.

After you complete the mods, PC it flat black to minimize glare bleed into the camera lens!
The idea behind the mounts is to make it possible to bolt cheese plates to the bike, and thus allow me to rig whatever I want, and extend the mounting points with rails outboard. Pretty much the same idea, just not as low. I can always flip the gimbal upside down to get a low shot, but then I'll probably have to raise it from rack level. At that point, it'll scrape the ground in a turn.

Flat black is definitely the end color, much as I hate it for aesthetics. RHM is hooking me up with some black wheels, but they have stainless spokes. Will have to do for now.

Originally Posted by noglider View Post
OK. I must have misunderstood you to have said that you haven't ridden one before.

That chicken video is great.
The chicken is also cheaper. Tempting.


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