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Originally Posted by BobbyG View Post
Do not use a high-pressure hose, (as you find in a DIY car wash) to clean the hubs or bottom bracket...it can strip out the grease.
This wasn't even all that true 30 years ago and it's even less true today. Modern hubs are quite well sealed. The guys at GCN did a several minute test of direct spray at the bearings and saw little to now water infiltration.

Originally Posted by DrIsotope View Post
Ooh, is this another thread where folks come to brag about never cleaning their bikes? I do love those!

Unless you're a regular winter-weather rider, a bike is best served by a quick wipe-down with a microfiber and whatever you choose to clean the bike with.
To what purpose? Mechanically a "quick wipe-down" does nothing. It may make you feel like your bike is shinier but it does nothing to make the bike work better. If washing your bike makes it work better mechanically, you have other problems.

Originally Posted by DrIsotope View Post
On the occasions where a soap 'n water wash are called for, use the water sparingly. No need for high pressure. Try to avoid getting anything with wax on the brake tracks/pads/discs.
Other than conserving water, again, why should you use water sparingly? It won't make the bike work any better or any worse.

Originally Posted by mihlbach View Post
Chain cleaning devices don't work very well. Degreasing your chain before relubing it is a complete waste of time. The best way to maintain your chain is to wipe it frequently (whenever it looks black) and lube it sparingly.
Using a lubricant that doesn't leave your drivetrain all black goes a long way towards keeping the important bits of the bike clean and working well.

Originally Posted by DrIsotope View Post
"Oh, I've never even wiped my bike down," they say. I guess if you don't ride it, it doesn't matter.
And there's the other side of the bike cleaning discussion. Don't assume that just because some of us don't spend all our time obsessing over the cleanliness of our bikes that we don't ride. I would argue that those of us who don't spend inordinate amounts of time obsessing about the cleanliness of our bikes ride more because we aren't spending all our time cleaning.

There is nothing in your picture that would require immediate and thorough cleaning. You've already ridden it with the dirt in place and if the dirt stays there a little longer, it isn't going to do anymore harm then what has already been done.

With some regularity, I ride for weeks at a time over hundreds to not quite thousands of miles where I have zero opportunity to clean my bike. I ride in rain, over dirt, through mounds of goose crap, etc. and don't feel the need to "clean" my bike all the time nor do I carry the stuff to do the cleaning. I lubricant the bike when it needs it and just keep riding. My bike doesn't care if it is dirty and neither do I. The dirt shows that I do indeed ride my bike.
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