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Firstly, I think that 28c is a good spot for that comfort/speed balance and that you're on the right track. I recently switched from 23c to 25's for my road bikes (all three) and I'm a road racer. Just as fast and more comfortable. I ride 25's on my Wabi and am considering 28's as well. I might build up a beater/town bike soon with an indexed 10-speed Shimano downtube shifter groupset and wheels I have lying around, def. will go 28c for that.

To check clearance, there's not much else you can do outside of install a tire on your rim and see if it clears the frame. Different rim/tire combinations have slightly different dimensions when installed. Having said that, I"m looking down at my Classic right now and almost certain that it could clear at 28. Prob not much more than that though. I'll bet if you google searched this question you would find many hits and answers about this specific topic - as the Classic complete has had a lot of commercial success.

Lastly, how long is your commute? Also, when looking at the time you will spend on the bike, what is the commuting/recreation split? You might not want to go *too* wide if you plan on spending a chunk of time riding for fun and wanting to go fast. I commute on 25's on crappy roads and do just fine.

Lastly, for quick questions I recommend using our "Ask the community" thread located here: Ask the Community. This post is a bit more open-ended and so it warrants a separate thread IMO, just wanted to put that out there for future quick QnA type stuff.

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