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Different tyres have different profiles: some are tall and some are not; some are rounder in cross section; the width is only a guide. Also, the width of the rim will affect how the tyre sits.

All of that said, the simplistic answer is

28 – 23 = 5 so the new tyre will be at least 5 mm wider than the one you have now.

You will need clearance on both sides of the tyre, so 5/2 = 2.5

How much more than 2.5mm clearance do you have on each side of your current tyre?

How much clearance will you need with your new tyre? For example, if you ride on muddy paths, you will need enough clearance for the mud that sticks to the tyre.

If unsure, see if you can borrow a tyre (or a pair of wheels with similar rims, and with 28mm tyres fitted) and see if it fits!

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