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I ride with headphones...not in-ear but on ear small bluetooth ones. They pass all ambient sound to my ears, don't block it at all. But honestly, even if I didn't wear them, using a rear view helmet mirror, turning around - visual input not audio - is what keeps me alive. There are so many electric cars where I live that there is no auditory warning of approaching cars anyway. My mirror is my "Prius detector". I ride in traffic and it's not an issue. The only time anyone has ever honked at me was when they were behind me and I was taking the lane and they were being ******** and I was already acutely aware of them. Sometimes I might drop the volume a bit, to be able to talk to drivers, but the headphones have a volume limiter so they don't get super loud, anyway. In those instances where I have forgotten them, I find I "space out" more on the ride and am actually less aware of my surroundings; with music on, I remain tuned in and alert. No, I wouldn't ride with in-ear buds as they do block sound (but again I can't hear those electric cars anyway).
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