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Originally Posted by gregf83 View Post
I think everyone understands the value of intervals. Not sure why you think mixing systems in a workout is an issue? It's not difficult to incorporate multiple types of intervals in a longer training session. Perhaps if you've only got 30-40 min to workout indoors then fine but if you're going out for a long ride it's common to mix it up a little more. After all you don't get to race using only one system.
Mixing systems in a single workout complicates things. It muddies the waters and can also be counterproductive especially when arbitrary. Repeats are easier to understand, progress, monitor and adjust. For example, I can more easily diagnose and resolve a problem associated with my power profile above threshold if I am doing dedicated VO2 repeats while I might have no idea what's going on if I'm following a multi-system workout involving tempo, SST, LT and VO2 and some workouts also have varying %FTP within these systems. A scientific approach requires control variables.

Occasional simulation is fine but should be performed at your own risk / opportunity cost.
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