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Originally Posted by bikemig View Post
Cool bike; I'm looking forward to seeing the build pictures. What do you think you are going to do to it?
I'm not real sure about it yet. The stem shifters have to go --will install bar end shifters. Campagnolo had barcons, but my understanding is that they're inferior to the old Sun Tour ratcheting shifters, the new DiaCompe "silver" and the old Shimano spring compensated barcons from the 70s/80s. Probably use some Suntour ones I have on hand, but I also have Campagnolo NR DT shifters so may try those. Been so long since I used them, can't recall how well they worked.

Brakes, I have some MAFAC levers and repro half hoods and am buying some MAFAC Competition calipers and those will go on. They didn't put MAFACS on these bikes, but I like them anyway.

Wheels: depends on the condition of the Normandy Luxe hubs. If they're good, I'll probably just use the 27" wheels with Rigida rims that are on there. Also depends on how ugly the spokes are. I hate to put a lot of effort into a bike and then have nasty galvanized spokes. If I replace the wheels, it will probably be NisiSludi rims and Mavic hubs, but I have some new Sun M13 II rims in 700C that would be ok and 36h for the Normandy Luxe hubs. Who knows. I have this notion banging around in my head that 27" wheels need to be 86'd whenever found, but when I try to rationally justify that prejudice, I can't -- there are decent tire options for 27" and I have Presta Savers.

The "Ben Hur" TA chainset is, according to the catalog for 1977, original to the bike and is 54/40 (or fight). I may replace the sprockets with something smaller as a 54 is sort of big for me. Lots of options there. Currently, the chainset has 4 concentric circles -- two guards and two sprockets. Removing the outer guard and replacing the inner with spacers may be an option. But, the current arrangement is rather startling, and that's not necessarily bad.

Plan on using a NR rear derailleur, currently the bike has what appears to be Suntour VX GT. Depending on the rear hub (English or French) I may use a Suntour ultra 6 13-24 freewheel or an Atom 13-21: thus the temptation for finding smaller rings for the front. Or, I may try the long cage mod that Soma sells and see how the NR RD shifts with 28 or larger rear.

So, my plans are mostly to make few changes except for the brakes and shifters and RD, clean, service, and upgrade/repair as necessary. Best I can tell, the paint and chrome are decent and no decal replacement or refinishing should be necessary. Some parts need OA, but that's typical.
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