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Originally Posted by fstrnu View Post
Mixing systems in a single workout complicates things. It muddies the waters and can also be counterproductive especially when arbitrary. Repeats are easier to understand, progress, monitor and adjust. For example, I can more easily diagnose and resolve a problem associated with my power profile above threshold if I am doing dedicated VO2 repeats while I might have no idea what's going on if I'm following a multi-system workout involving tempo, SST, LT and VO2 and some workouts also have varying %FTP within these systems. A scientific approach requires control variables.

Occasional simulation is fine but should be performed at your own risk / opportunity cost.
Here's a simple suggestion: Start with a plan, measure progress once a month, adjust as necessary. If workouts seem too easy, raise target power for the session. If workouts can't be completed, lower target power for the session. Rinse and repeat. Riders who train indoors have reported good progress with trainerroad programs.

For reasonably experienced cyclists adaptations don't occur in the short term. Measuring performance on a monthly basis should be sufficient to track progress.
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