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Originally Posted by gregf83 View Post
Here's a simple suggestion: Start with a plan, measure progress once a month, adjust as necessary. If workouts seem too easy, raise target power for the session. If workouts can't be completed, lower target power for the session. Rinse and repeat. Riders who train indoors have reported good progress with trainerroad programs.

For reasonably experienced cyclists adaptations don't occur in the short term. Measuring performance on a monthly basis should be sufficient to track progress.
I'm not convinced one can know that a mixed workout is too easy until it's done. Even the first few intervals of an interval repeat workout might seem easy. However, I do advocate RPE/HR sanity checks for certain types of interval repeat workouts with caveats.

What I encourage more strongly, however, is to note the overall workout perceived effort such as that the workout was challenging but you had something left in the tank to avoid excess recovery time.

Then you can adjust the next interval repeat session accordingly which is easy to do because of the simple structure. No one is going to adjust an arbitrary mixed workout. They just move on to the next potentially failed workout. Interval repeat workouts just become more and more effective as you constantly tune them and the recovery between them.

One of my favorite things about interval repeats is that you perform them in manual ERG mode and can add/extend/split intervals as needed so you can save the quality of your workout.

Edit - And I agree about needing a starter plan as I addressed in OP. But that plan needs to be based on interval repeats (plus 1 x ~70% + TV for long endurance rides). I have several starter plans and it's also easy to convert mixed workout plans to interval repeat plans.

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