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Originally Posted by fstrnu View Post
Chart Legend:

3 x 10 / 3 = 3 x 10 minute intervals with 3 minute recovery intervals
VO2 = 105%
40/20 = 110%
For 40/20, 3 x 10 / 3 = 3 x 10 x (40/20) / 3
Rows = Weeks
Columns = Session

Examples of Initial Guidance:


Structured training is about time at intensity.
Interval repeats = Time at intensity and are the most direct, effective and accessible way to approach training without a human coach.
Manual ERG mode workouts are convenient and versatile ; allowing you to add/extend/split/combine/pyramid intervals.
The Wahoo Fitness App is reliable, free and accurately records/exports data in any format you need.
Golden Cheetah is a free app that you can use to analyze your data when you are ready.

Regarding the plans...

Add rest and test weeks as needed.
If you are off the couch, start with first row.
Otherwise, start at row which best matches where you currently are with your fitness.
Workouts should be challenging but you should have something left in the tank to avoid excess recovery time.
If overall workout is too easy but intensity appears to be okay per RPE/HR zone sanity check then consider whether to skip a week in the progression.
If overall workout is too difficult but intensity appears to be okay per RPE/HR zone sanity check then consider (1) potential impact of fatigue (see below) including possibility that you overdid it during previous workout and (2) whether to skip backward one or more weeks in the progression.
Monitor resting heart rate, work interval heart rate, perceived effort, stress, sleep quality, energy, appetite, mood and motivation to keep tabs on fatigue.

Examples of Topics for Optional / Extra Credit / Advanced / Nuanced Guidance:
How to convert plans with multi-zone workouts
Adding/extending/splitting intervals in real time to maintain quality
Using average work interval heart rate and cardiac drift as indicators of fitness, fatigue and endurance
Training log analysis
Combo workouts
Pyramid workouts

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