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IN my opinion, one of the leading causes of N+1 is the rider not getting the right feel or optimal bike fit.
frame material is only a part of that. Have ridden Al frames that were pretty stiff, others almost springy. Same with steel, some are very forgiving, some ride harsh. Have tried CF and TI, both good and no so nice. For a while, had a nice steel frame bike that felt pretty good but almost a little too springy. Took it on a several hundred km credit card tour, on a pretty rough section of road broke a couple of spokes which lead to a rear wheel failure. New wheel on, ride was too stiff- sent every bump right up my spine. Tire width and pressure are obvious ride feel factors. Have a custom steel road frame, tweaked just right - ride with 28 mm tire in the back and 25 mm in front. Like the feel of Conti 4- season tires on this bike, have tried several other brands.
Beginning to think about retiring and reducing the bike herd to fit our warm climate retirement house. Think I am going with three bikes, the above road bike. An Townie beach cruiser and Fuse mtn bike. The latter two have pretty fat tires and soft rides.
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