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Bianchi Caurus Proto (MAX) build thread

After finishing the 3Rensho build it is time for a new build thread.

I have decided on the Bianchi Caurus Proto.

Earlier I did some research work about these Bianchis in MAX tubing and it can be found here ( messed up that thread considerably but it seems like most of the pictures are back - but who knows for how long):
The Bianchi Proto thread

The build will be first generation and edition Campagnolo Ergopower (1992) which is within the reach of Caurus Proto period correctness as the Proto were around in catalogs for 1992. My frame is from 1990 (or 89) but I will assume it was unsold for a while... ;-) Which is not that far fetched as these frames were top of the line and very, very expensive. And I have to add - its colour scheme not very attractive! I would not have bought this frame back then. My original thought was a repaint in celeste but as @mrjav provided me with this information:

...I changed my mind.

It has an ugly paint scheme that is normally found on low end Bianchis - as with the Caurus name. On top of the line Bianchis it is rare. Most Protos were celeste according to my research. I therefore want to keep it as it is. I take one for the team ;-)

The rest of the build will be Mavic Open 4CD rims, 3TTT bar and stem, Campionissimo saddle, etc. I got hold of some rolls of the bar tape that can be seen in the link above and in the picture below.

There are loads of shade bar tape out there but they are almost always white to "colour" and it was difficult to find black to green. I got the rolls they had I believe.

Here is a pic of only the coloured section of it compared to the fork:

I will start with cleaning of the frame to assess how much of the paint that has to be touched up.

This will be fun but it might take a while as winter is coming and the darker it gets the less energy I have to do things in the hobby shop after a days work.

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