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Start at the top. The most important thing is fitting the bike. You can have the best frame material in the world with big fat cushy tires and 10 miles into every ride your back starts to hurt and your knees get sore.

1. Proper frame size.

Once you get the correct frame, you can start playing with your fit. I was listening to the guys on cycling tips talking about testing bikes and if testing them over a longer period (2 years vs 2 months) made a difference. One thing that was mentioned was that changing out a stem on a bike that was thought to be uncomfortable suprisingly made a big difference in the comfort feel of the bike.

2. Dial it in. Properly setup your touch points and adjust to comfort.

Riding a bike with a cheap set of wheels can be like trudging through the mud. Especially if the hubs are not maintained. Replacing a 100$ set of wheels with an 800$ set of wheels can make a bike feel like going from a family car to a sporty 2 door convertible.

3. Spoil yourself with a good set of wheels

Last, the feel of the road under your butt, feet and hands is going to be most affected by the tires. This summer I went from a pair of 15$ Schwalbe Lugano 23mm tires @95psi to a pair of Corsa Open 25mm tires @85 psi. The difference was immediately noticable. Right away the feel of the road was completely different. The bike was not any slower but much more comfy.

4. Get a comfy pair of tires that fits your riding style..

Last I will mention that having the 4 things above dialed in will make a much bigger difference than frame material alone. Carbon fiber no doubt absorbs more of the vibration than Aluminum or Steel but that does not always transfer into comfort for longer miles. The geometry and design of the frame itself can make a bigger difference than the materials used in the frame. Get a bike fit for you that fits your riding style with a good set of wheels and comfy tires and youll be good to go regardless of the frame material.

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