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Originally Posted by 3speedslow View Post
That will be a great looking build! Am I the only one that thinks a black Bianchi with Celeste lettering is cool?

No, I guess that combo would be nice (black/celeste). Maybe I am misunderstanding you - but the colour on my frame has nothing to do with celeste. In the Bianchi article linked to above it says these came in "nero/verde fluo (mine), nero/celeste Bianchi (the one you would like), nero/corallo perlato, verde/viola perlato, fuxia/viola".

If you picture google "Bianchi Caurus" you will get to see one ugly paint scheme after another. I promise you...

I am pretty sure the one pictured in the article has the same colour as mine - even if the scanned picture makes it look celeste. I base this on, during all my research, not having seen any other frame at all in black and celeste with the same spray pattern. The ones in black are all black but with the Bianchi and Caurus decals in celeste. They do not have that green "fake lug" and fade out to black on the top tube nor a celeste fork.

Here is a natural light pic of mine - telling the true story of "nero/verde fluo" (black/fluorescent green - for you English speaking).

The "nero/verde fluo" might have been what they called it in advertising but internally it was called something else - at least at some point - as this is what I found written on the fork tube:

It says "verde germoglio" which translates to something like "sprout green" or similar.

From experience I know that by the time this build is finished I am probably going to love this paint colour combo. I know myself - bonding to stuff while I work on it even if from the beginning being sceptical. Maybe Bianchi knew more than I give them credit for... Maybe it is a case of ugly duckling turning out to be a swan in the end. Time will tell. I am sceptical... ;-)

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