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First, I try to out run it. Put the bike in higher gear and put the hammer down.

If it looks like I won't be able to outrun, then I need to determine the breed. Is it a pit bull? doberman? German sherpa? Chiuwhawha? goldern retrive?

Then I evaluate it's phsyicque. Is it overweight? You might be able to outrun a fearsome breed if it's been overfed by its owner.

Then I need to evaluate whether it's going to bite. I can usually tell if a dog is out of blood or not. If it not looking good, I'm going to slow down quikly and dismount and prepare for mortal combat using whatever I can, sticks on the ground, the bike as a shield, spraying water from water bottle, tire pump as a club.

I have a can of bear spray for backpacking...but I have been hessitant to bring it on my bike for fear of the legal complication.

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