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Hardshell Del Taco value taco is a measly 130kcal, so today's ride would get me access to a full 10 tacos! 1,339kcal / 33.86 miles = 39.54kcal/mi; 130 / 39.54 = ~3.3 miles per taco.

Important note: while once possible, I can no longer eat 10 tacos in one sitting. I can eat like... six. At best. Some days I tap out at four.

Now that's with cheap-o tacos. Proper tacos are probably ~300kcal a pop, so probably 10 miles per taco. That actually seems more manageable.

WalMart used to have a super-cheap "Seven cheese" pizza that was only 770kcal for the whole pizza. Thin crust! No sauce! It was one of my absolute favorites. So of course they discontinued it.
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