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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
That depends on many things. Most of us put on a good bit of sunscreen when we go out, even on cloudy days. In the PNW, sunlight isn't all that common, plus the sunscreen thing = I tested way low on vitamin D so my doc put me on 6000mg of D3 for a couple months. This has happened twice now. Anyway, not true for many people. Sunsleeves, 50 SPF clothing, arm wamers, leg warmers or tights, plus typical road position has face sheltered by helmet + sunglasses. Worked fine when we ran around naked most of the time, but we don't. You can get arrested for that now. DNA won't catch up, ever.
Me as well, and what was even worse, I had no indications I was that low. Also, age, dark skin, and digestive absorption issues and dysfunctions. However, cognitive function was one of my symptoms which I thought was just caused by my insomnia. Vitamin D deficiency is a lot more common throughout the world than many of us realize.
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