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Originally Posted by MattP.
I decided to go to a 1x9 setup from my 3x9 I have now. I have a Ngear Jumpstop in the mail, but need to decide on a bashguard. It's for my hardtail which I ride trails and some urban with. My cranks are 4 bolt 104 BCD. People at mtbr have suggest the Spot Brand bashguard. In your experiences are the aluminum bashrings better than the "thermoplastic"? I have heard that the aluminum once bend easily? I like the E13 bashguard, but the smallest they come is 36T max and I will be running 32T. Anything w/ 32 or 34T max I would take. I would assume that having a 36T bashguard w/ a 32T rind might look a little goofy. If anyone runs a setup like that, a pic would be awesome.

Any suggestions?

the Spot guards are nice, but they don't stand up to much real abuse. more to stop the chain dropping to the outside.

as FF 2800 said, the Blackspire Ringgod is a nice option. i used one of those for a while on my hardtail. beefy, but not too heavy.

another option, and what i'm running now is the Salsa Trials guard, covering a 32T middle ring. nice and thick, but a little lighter than the Blackspire. has stood up to some pretty decent trail and urban abuse, plentyof rock and log crossings and some cement hits in town.

how abusive are you going to get? for pure sheer beef, even though it's larger than you want to really run, you can't beat the E-13 for beating on.

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