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IS it all the tires

It seems to me 90% of the responses end up being all about the tires. I also find it funny how so many people bash on hybrids. Funny because a gravel bike is much like a hybrid bike. It is a compromise largely built on tire type and handle bar type along with slightly tweaked geometry. Your hybrids range from cruisers to essentially flat bar road bikes with tires anywhere between 28 and 45 mm. Your gravel bikes range from stuff like the specialized diverge which I am see being sold with what amount to 30 mm slicks to toughroad gx with 38mm plus nobby wheels. Yet many who love gravel bikes as a go anywhere option will tell you even a performance hybrid is crap because it doesn't do anything well but is a compromise. Isn't that what a gravel bike is? A compromise it won't be as fast on the road as a dedicated road bike nor will it come anywhere close to handling anything but the tamest xc trails. Hey I love them all but I find the difference in opinions on hybrids and gravel bikes to be funny. About tires I put 35 mm clements on my 29er vs my maxxis ikons (2.25) and gained no speed at all but it sure made the ride rougher. Tempted by gravel bikes but I think that would be scary down some rocky rooted downhills in the northeast. Oh well N+1
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