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Originally Posted by 3speed View Post
Assuming standard 32mm or wider touring tires, I say aluminum tubing. I like aluminum in general for hauling weight due to the more stable handling. Not adding as much weight as steel to the heavy load that you’re already carrying is a bonus too. Especially as a large rider and presumably naturally carrying more weight, I think the decrease in frame flex would be a benefit. It sucks putting down the power or descending a mountain and feeling your frame flex and get squirrelly. I’m not exactly sure who’s making them, though. I think maybe Koga, but not sure. They’re out there, though.
Try bending aluminium back into shape without it fracturing. You can't. Try finding someone who can weld aluminium in a far flung place. You won't. The same applies to new-fangled materials like carbon fibre. Try repairing that if it fails.

The only answer is good old-fashioned, but tried and tested steel. Steel alloys have continuously evolved with the times, ever since good old Reynolds 531. With lighter, but stonger tubing, but still retaining the advantage of steel.

You can't beat the "feel of steel." Remember only "steel is real", especially in a touring bike. Where reliability and durability, are more important than anything else.
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