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Originally Posted by 3speed View Post
Personally I think the only reason you don’t see more touring bikes in AL is because a lot of the market think they’re going to have a frame break in Africa and have to have it welded back together by a guy with a couple car batteries and some wire. Good luck with that. I think you’re better off wrapping a broken frame in a thick layer of fiberglass than a backwoods weld job.
Where are you going to get the fibreglass from?

If you could get fibreglass, how effective would it be especially if the rear drop out had snapped. This tends to be the part of the frame under most stress. I have had a few frames fail in that particular place, rather than anywhere else. There is not much space between the drop out and the hub, which needs to rotate freely with no fouling.

You often see touring cycles massively loaded on the rear, with little on the front. Surely, that is asking for trouble, especially if the rider is heavy.

Personally, I would try and find the bloke with the two car batteries and a stick welder. He might make a rough repair, but hopefully it would hold and you can have a proper frame repair later.

If I had the choice of a fibreglass repair, which is epoxy resin (basically plastic), with small strands of glass in it. Or a repair using steel, which is much stronger and that the bike is already made out of. I would choose steel every time.
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